בחורות יפות בבגד ים סקס תחת מושלם

Art Visual Arts Celebration. In Israel for the first time. Where Tech Meets Design - Why design matters for startups? Our mission is to raise the awareness of the role of design as a core engine of growth for technology companies. The launch event will take place as part of the Jerusalem Design Week and will host key figures from the Israeli tech and design sectors.

The speakers will share their perspectives on why design really matters for technology companies and what it means in action, based on their experience. Gary Levitt, the founder of MadMimi acquired by GoDaddy and recently founded Yalabot, a friendly bot that makes use of machine learning to understand your audience and publishes to multiple social networks at an optimal time. Gary will share his angle on how 'humanizing digital experiences' will help your product standout in a highly competitive market.

Ayelet Batist, which founded and has managed the creative team at Lightricks over the past 3. Ayelet will share her perspective on the relevance of cultural research to the creation of winning apps and services, and offers a practical approach for using such research in the product development cycle.

After the film Jin us for an awesome night of Great music played by our guest DJ from tel aviv Itamar Nevo who will spin some great swing records for us and have us dancing all night long. Ethan Katz For more information: During the meeting we will choose the official title of the march, and write an ideological document that will be brought to the board and be used as an ideological compass of the messages of the march, coming from the coummunity discourse.

The agreements the will be written wil stand before the eyes of the board concerning making decisions in the next phase of producing the march - about the stages, messages, campaign atc.

Success is never final, failure is never fatal. Information about the speakers will be announced in the next few days. Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in to share publicly business failure stories.

Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures. Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images. Jerusalem's most promising artists gathered together in one crazy evening for the benefit of the city's homeless youth Israeli Hindi music Arabic Hafla afro-beat: ELEM provides them with shelter, and now wishes to provide them with a home.

Help us; help them to have a home. New Arabic music, Mixed sounds that will not let you stand still on the dance floor! You won't be able to stop moving! She brought back to Israel the latest and hippest sounds of the African music- a mix of traditional music with hip hop, trap, rap, pop and techno mixed well with the African sound and beat to make crazy vibes that you can't look over!

How can historians account for the predicaments of violence and uneven distributions of power in the built environment, particularly in the face of current worldwide geo-political crises? At the heart of this conference will be the question of how eruptions of strife shape architectural and urban histories; and reciprocally, how larger architectural and planning processes, along with the histories that register their impact, intervene in the predicament of conflict.

The aim of the conference is to bring together different responses to this predicament from both regional architectural and urban historians and worldwide members of the EAHN. For more info, see http: We will start the evening with some dining and wining, as we enjoy tasty Israeli cheeses and wine overlooking the Old City on the Cinematheque's balcony.

We will then head to the heart of the evening - inspiring Zionism - as Dr. Ben Reis will give an emotional and thought-provoking Zionist talk centering on the remarkable and wondrous stories of the Six Day War with a focus on Jerusalem.

Falkor Ensemble plays original music in a modern, energetic vein with a strong emphasis on spontaneity and group interplay. Arriving for a premiere at Post Hostel after a year's work loaded with shows throughout the country and a first recording. Sweet wine, good people, and a bumpin' concert -- all for a good cause! Wednesday, June 14th at Please bring a minimum donation of 30 shekel and a bottle of wine per two guests! Sign up in advance and you will be entered into our lottery for a chance to win awesome Jerusalem prizes!

Please respect the age limit. At the entrance to the hall — free beer and screening in loop of 67 Bows 5 min. Izek Mizrahi, Ilanit Konopny. Experience new, crazy and intriguing presentations from Jerusalem's finest! Being held in the stunning courtyard of historic Beit Alliance, this is an extraordinary event not to be missed. Art Performance Music Visual Arts.

Tulo at Bet Hagat! The pieces played by the band are taken from the classical Persian music repertoire of the greatest contemporary as well as ancient composers of Persia. The band members play traditional Persian musical instrument and together invite the audience to a musical time travel through the ancient colors and sounds of Persia. We invite you all to an open day at our hydroponic greenhouse at the botanical gardens in Jerusalem.

Tours of the greenhouse, picking, food and drink and meeting the farmers! The greenhouse is located behind cocktail plant nursery at the entrance to the botanical gardens in Jerusalem. Community Sports and Games. Sunshine - Anna Haleta - Liat Attar - Art Visual Arts Culture Lecture. Do you love Indian food as much as we do?

Do you miss Indian food culture or maybe you even have never been there? We are bringing Dhaba to the rooftop of the Abraham Hostel Jerusalem. Dhaba is a name for small roadside restaurants scattered all over India, where you can eat a Thali dish A rice bowl with variety of dips rich in flavors and spices.

We invite you to our amazing rooftop where you can feel like in India again. Food is vegan and costs 35 ILS. Art Music Party Concert Culture. Writers Confront 50 Years of Occupation.

Writers Confront 50 Years of Occupation: Sunday, June 18th, The event will be held in English, and will include a panel discussion with the book's editors, Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, two of the book's contributors, Assaf Gavron and Fida Jiryis, and Avner Gvaryahu of Breaking the Silence.

It will be moderated by Haaretz columnist Bradley Burston. Copies of Kingdom of Olives and Ash will be available for purchase after the event. Please register for the event here: Called "moving, heartbreaking, and infuriating," by Kirkus Reviews, Kingdom of Olives and Ash is a groundbreaking anthology of essays about the occupation.

It will be published on May 30th in English, Hebrew and Arabic, and in nine other languages in the weeks and months that follow. Art Performance Theatre Kids and Family. Art Visual Arts Culture Tour. Join us for a guided tour with the curator of our new exhibition "Thou Shalt Not", followed by a unique and indulging royal tea party up on the Museum's rooftop, facing the magical sunset of Jerusalem.

Museum on the Seam was selected as "One of 29 leading art venues around the world" by the New York Times. Exhibition "Thou Shalt Not" deals with the interaction between art and faith in the Jewish tradition and displays Israel's leading artist from the religious-secular spectrum while creating a dialog between them. Chef Atalia Ein Mor created an exciting tea party full of her renowned specialty culinary surprises: Hurry up and sign: Narratives of Progress Lecturer: Raef Zreik With the populist right resurgent throughout the North Atlantic civilization, a political morality without borders appears urgent.

Oren Lev - The title of the lecture: Oren is a graduate student in biology at the Hebrew University and an active member of the Open House.

Doron Mossinsohn - The title of the lecture: Doron Mossinson has a master's degree in cultural and gender studies, an activist in the gay student fraternity Ahva , the Bi-Pan-Poly forum, and the Open House. Omer Harel - The title of the lecture: Between Religion and Bisexuality". A little about the lecturer: Omer Harel was formerly religiously observant, who is becoming a bit more observant now.

She is 20 years old and defines herself as Pansexual. Screening Community Sports and Games. The film will be in Arabic with English subtitles. Space is limited so please register at this link: We are coming back to Nocturno for the third time!

Feels like home, and it's great fun to see all of you guys joining us on the journey. FOREST songs for the seeking soul Inviting a fusion of music from the forest, from the sky and from the depths of the ocean. In a tribal atmosphere, the forest takes the audience on a journey that travels between quiet and harmonious folk to Pescadia and the ecstasy of the influences of the ancient traditions of shamanism, psychedelic rock, seclusion and prayer Songs and music that touch deep in your heart.

We're gonna meet up at HaMirpesset, on the roof of Binyan Clal for an awesome celebration of summer fruits on the longest day of the year!! We'll kick off with a DIY workshop on how to make your own dried fruits and veggies. Then we'll have a sweet community apple picking from the tons of apple trees up on the roof. Following this, we'll have several demo stations for how to preserve the harvest of apples, making a bunch of different products, and using every part of the apple!

And then we'll watch the sunset together from the roof. There will be summer veggie seedlings for sale. Suggested donation of 25 shek. Gonna be a super epic time! Marina is incredible Exotic Pole Dancer with her unique style: And she is coming to Israel!

Just look at her video! They speak for themselves! The workshop is suitable for all levels: In the film, Andoni recreates the interrogation rooms and cells at the Moskobiya interrogation center, which acts as the backdrop to the former inmates discussing prison life and the humiliation they experienced during their detention. What could be better than an awesome party that'll blow your mind? A party whose proceeds help those in need!

We've decide to take our head out of the sand and assist our neighbours. All proceeds will be donated to Israeli Flying Aid which delivers life saving aid to Syrian refugees. Join our party and show that young people care! So what's the plan? Entry is 50 NIS Tickets are available online at: Jacobi and Strauss vs.

The deep and ancient relationship between textual artworks and the visual ones has been dealt with extensively over the centuries. But still, it seems the human heart will always have need for more. This starting point, linking the writer and the artist has been the underlying current of the course. Each time a short story had been chosen to become a bonfire for our tribe, to light up with the text a different unseen part of a practice or to dwell and enrich a known subject.

The encounter with the literary text has been an opportunity for the subject to be lit in a new light and help to shift its angles. Each lesson called upon two gatherings: The printmaking workshop in Bezalel Fine Art department holds within itself the tension between learning and aligning with an ancient tradition — its histories on one hand, and the passion to invent and create something new, to be playful with the materials and processes. Here we can see the outcome of interactions with printmaking techniques such as screen printing, intaglio, wood and linocuts showing their varied influences.

The students worked with different aspects of printmaking and were asked to think of the relation printmaking could have to the space of the gallery and how it can interact with it. Our working process started with reading texts that have an allegorical relationship with the technical stages in different printmaking techniques, and in the case of the exhibition: Burroughs, The wild Boys.

The act of repetition in Burroughs's writing creates a fluid image in transition that depicts a nonlinear reality. In the exhibition we ask how the relationship between the prints and space can be built, change, warp and adopt additional meanings through the multiplicity of the image and its variations in different modes of display.

The event will take place at three locations within Jerusalem over a period of three days. Times where each event will occur are available on our website and will be updated at the following site: The live stream url will be added prior to the event. If you would like to participate in the event from abroad as a speaker or listener, please indicate that you are "going" to receive a url for remote participation.

Come recover in our after-party, dance, beer, soup and home-made hamantaschen See you there: All of this plus impressive quantities of art, a stellar lineup and some of the widest and fullest sound systems ever heard in these parts. Sailing from Hamiffal's yard into the unknown. Art Music Concert Culture. Magnificat Piano Festival Teachers' Concert. Teachers of the Magnificat Institute will play in a special concert dedicated to the piano. Leave all your stress at the door, and come experience a lively, fun, joyful, amazing dance to Big Band jazz music from the swing era.

You will exercise, learn to dance, laugh, and meet new friends, all in one night! We're on the very very top floor of Binyan Clal on Agripas. There are several entrances to the building, the entrance on Yafo street near the Davidka train stop is always open, the Agripas ones are sometimes locked Once you're in, go up ALL the stairs. No prior dance experience is necessary, and you don't need to bring a partner.

Over time, we'll all learn to lead and follow. We're excited to invite you into our swing dancing community!! Raincoat live in Jerusalem 5. Art Music Concert Culture Community. With Daniel Azuelos and creative Jerusalem people. Besarabia bar for all musicians over the world! Every monday - Art Performance Theatre Culture. Apo Sahagian, a Jerusalemite-Armenian singer and songwriter will present an evening of live Armenian folk music entangled with storytelling, stretching from the Armenian Highlands to the Diaspora in Jerusalem and back.

Ladies, come to Gula at the First Station for an evening of laughter! Doors open at 8: Bring your friends - women only. Armenian Ceramics, March 11 Armenian ceramic artist George Sandrouni, owner of an Armenian ceramics studio in the Old City of Jerusalem, will talk about the history of the art of tile decoration, its characteristic geometric motifs, its production process, and the current state of this art.

Please PM us for ticket info. Cheryl Lieberman Jerusalem Octapella Conducted by: Daniel Arad Two a cappella choirs comprised of singers from all over the globe will meet on one stage for an unforgettable night of musical entertainment without a single instrument.

Art Music Party Concert Culture. We are happy to invite everyone to our open house where potential students can meet teachers, hear about courses, and get their levels assessed by our staff!

Come hand out with us at the beautiful "Miffal" Spring All levels of Hebrew and Arabic evening courses- 14 weeks from March 18th- June 20th with one week break Arabic Beginners: Our goal is not to learn grammar or spelling, it's to acquire the tools to understand what's going on and to be able to express ourselves about a topic, which is important and interesting for us - be it politics, history, environment, culture, art, etc.

Here every student is a teacher and every teacher is a student. For the detailed course descriptions look here: Art Visual Arts Screening. Traditional Armenian Dress and Armenian Embroidery, March 14 Maro Sandrouni, designer and owner of the Armenian Gallery in the Old City, will present traditional men's and women's Armenian clothing and describe the periods, regions and events during which it was customary to wear these outfits. She will also discuss Armenian embroidery, an art that developed in the Armenian diaspora in the Ottoman Empire and explain how it reached Jerusalem.

Maya Dunietz — pianist, singer, composer, choir conductor and sound artist, recording and performing worldwide in a broad range of musical genres.

One of the most influential figures on the Israeli jazz and free music scene. Culture Lecture Community Meeting. Koryoun of the Armenian Patriarchate will talk about the development of the Armenian Church as a distinct stream in Christianity; the fact that the Armenian nation was the first to accept Christianity as a state religion, and about the history of the Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem. Art Visual Arts Community Celebration. Honored to have with us the legendary Lazer Lloyd to kick things off with an acoustic set!

The show is happening at the Gula club on the lovely First Station boardwalk. An independent Israeli rap crew, est. This is how there style, a combination of a fresh and new sound, with deep and honest "Underground" lyrics, was created. As the years passed by, thanks to hard work and perseverance, the crew started to gain more and more popularity among the local Hip-Hop scene.

After a couple of mixtapes and a great EP release, the first album is finally ready. But there are two sides to every coin, and that's the main message of our upcoming album.

Is it good or not? We don't know for sure So help us decide! All of you are invited to our exclusive presentation, at the Abraham Hostel on March 15th! See you, Thursday Tours in the Footsteps of the Armenians in Jerusalem, Fridays The tours will go to the places where the Armenian community was active in Jerusalem, both within and outside the Old City walls: On March 16, there will be a tour to the Armenian buildings in "new" Jerusalem in the German Colony, Rehavia, and Katamon , among which are some of the first buildings that were constructed during the days when people began to live outside the Old City walls.

The tour will be led by conservation architect Dr. Pre-registration is required at the Nature Museum internet site.

: בחורות יפות בבגד ים סקס תחת מושלם

בלונדיניות חינם סקס נשים גדולות His paintings form a community of their own, gathered in anticipation. Experience new, crazy and intriguing presentations from Jerusalem's finest! Any inquiries can be sent to keith. Ayelet Batist, which founded and has managed the creative team at Lightricks over the past 3. Error in importing data. We're on the very very top floor of Binyan Clal on Agripas.
הומוהים צעירים זיונים חזה גדול זיון ציצים גמירות של נשים
בחורות יפות בבגד ים סקס תחת מושלם סקס מצויר חינם סרטי סקס בלונדיניות
The convention is organized for the Anime and Manga fans in Israel in order to create an attraction and interaction for Purim holiday. How can historians account for the predicaments of violence and uneven distributions of power in the built environment, particularly in the face of current worldwide geo-political crises? Join us for a special musical feast with the virtuoso Tunisian precussionist Imed Alibi. סרטי אונס סרטי סקס גייז ישראלי learned from the great Tabla master Pt. A work by Li Lorian On-line in Jerusalem: The speakers will share their perspectives on why design really matters for technology companies and what it means in action, based on their experience. Community Sports and Games.

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